Luxury Waterside Home & Pokies Club

Luxury Waterside Sanctuary

About our hotel


Situated on the picturesque shores of a body of water, Luxury Waterside Home is a unique retreat where luxury meets nature. The property blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the waterside and the surrounding nature.

Architecture and Design:

Luxury Waterside Home's contemporary architecture emphasizes luxury and sophistication. Spacious rooms with panoramic windows provide stunning views of the water, while stylish interiors decorated with high quality materials create an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication.


Guests can choose from luxurious rooms and deluxe suites, each providing the highest level of comfort. Stunning views from the windows, modern amenities and elegant furnishings create a cozy space for rest and relaxation.


The hotel provides a wide range of amenities including gourmet restaurants, a spa with a pool, gym and sauna. In addition, Luxury Waterside Home provides access to water activities such as yachting, water skiing and fishing.


24/7 availability

Free consultation

Parking available

Wheelchair accessible

Accept debit/credit cards

Good for children

Debit & Credit cards accepted

For gambling enthusiasts

Pokies Club

The elegant casino within the hotel invites guests to dive into gambling entertainment. The modern gaming rooms offer a wide range of gambling games including roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines. Professional dealers create an atmosphere of excitement and fun, making a visit to the casino an unforgettable experience.

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